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Feeling stuck physically or energetically?

Are you exhausted or overwhelmed from spreading yourself thin?

Do you feel engulfed by your emotions or pain?

OPT has an authentic and eclectic approach to aligning with 'source' so that we can feel whole and fulfilled from within...


"Within every adversity is the seed of an equal or greater opportunity"  - Napoleon Hill


Would you like assistance in connecting the dots to help the inner light shine bright through clarity and insight? Paradoxically, becoming more of who we already are is stepping into a power far greater than ourselves. This creative intelligence is known to be the source of all prosperity. 


What's in store?:





A goal can be fulfilled once its' willing to be let go.  Meaning we stop waiting for some 'end point' and begin living from a greater vantage point.




OPT Testimonials

Thank you to all of our customers who have kindly shared their experiences.

  • I first met Amanda when I took step aerobics and pilates with weights classes from her. From there she became my trainer and we met an average of 3 times a week. When I first started, every exercise was so hard, I felt like mush and completely out of shape. But…it was fun to meet up with Amanda and she was very encouraging so I continued. And after several months….pounds were coming off, muscles were forming and I really started to feel great physically and emotionally. I felt like the workouts got me in touch with my athletic side and it felt good. I would train with Amanda again in a heartbeat!

    Barbara T.

  • Amanda I want to thank you so very much for the reading you did for me.  You were right on the money about everything from my financial to my relationship.  I would highly recommend anyone that wants a reading to have you do it, can't wait to get another.

    Becky B.

  • Amanda's yoga classes are calming, yet challenging. She modifies her classes to accommodate all levels, and offers gentle reminders on correct form. All of her classes are different and I leave having explored mental, physical, and spiritual places. A perfect end of the day solution for a reboot after a full day with active 10 year old. She is inspiring, encouraging, and very approachable.

    Colleen S.

  • After first meeting Amanda a year ago, I made a decision that changed my life. Since that day, working with Amanda has brought clarity and purpose back into my life. From eating meals to physical exercise, she is with me to help me focus and make proper choices. She has challenged me to reach for another level of physical range, a place I didn't think my body could even go. But with her guidance and commitment, was made possible. With her example, depth of knowledge, and support my life has improved in mind, body, and heart.

    Fred S.

  • Our kick-off assembly will be truly memorable for our kids and teachers alike thanks to Amanda's outstanding event. It was wonderful to see every student engaging in yoga at the same time. Who would think our entire student body could lie still for 30 seconds?! I have received suggestions to start every day with yoga!

    Jennifer A., School District 28

  • Amanda was great at managing the Fitness Program at Sorrento Valley Racquet Club. She helped me one on one to improve my classes and was very patient. I had a great experience working with her.

    Jezmin F.

  • My first exposure to Amanda's healing sessions was remarkably unique.  My second visit was the day after that and my third visit a day after that.  She created a sacred space of tranquility for me to overcome some emotional distress.  I had underestimated the benefits but am quite pleased with the results and I continue to return for the journey with her.  I recommend you open your mind and chakras with a healing session, and you'll be back for more.

    Jimmy L.

  • Amanda is beautiful inside and out.  She has a great way to help you feel at ease and relaxed.  Through my holistic healing journey with her I was able to experience deeper levels of sensuality and awareness that brought greater fulfillment to my life.

    Joe W.

  • For the past three months Amanda has been helping me to return to better health through a combination of strengthening exercises and yoga. Her knowledge, skill, and ability to communicate has helped me to progress farther and faster than I expected. I recommend Amanda to anyone looking for a personal trainer/yoga instructor.

    Marty P.

  • I worked with Amanda at Sorrento Valley Racquetball & Fitness Center. As a fitness instructor and personal trainer, I understand that your work is never over. This is not a 9-5 job, there is always something to be done and flexibility is key. Amanda was always organized and ready at the drop of a hat to fill in and teach a class when necessary, or find someone else that could teach it. Amanda is a patient and kind leader, motivational and inspiring. She is always striving to learn new skills, and bring new ideas and challenges to her fitness classes as well as manage the other teachers. She is everything that a fitness director should be and would be an incredible asset to any health center or community.

    Masha S.

  • I have been seeing Amanda regularly for over 2 years.  She is a natural healer and teacher.  She can be gentle or a bit firmer as needed to help you on your journey.  Under her tutelage I have significantly enhanced my physical flexibility, gained emotional tranquility and grown spiritually.  All in all, it has been a very positive experience.  And, as a special plus, she is an enchanting person.

    Michael O.

  • I just wanted to tell you Amanda how wonderful it is to have you come in and do yoga with the girls at work. It is such a nice way to end the work week and really puts us at ease for the rest of the work day every time you come in! Thanks for all you do and making us a little more zen at work!

    Raecel M.

  • Amanda will keep you in the moment, she will help you stay focused in the present. She can help heal and strengthen mind, body, and spirit. Using her vast knowledge, outstanding education, and her superlative compassion Amanda tailors a program specifically designed for you and your organization. Amanda has a powerful and unique business model for medical practices, fitness centers and corporate health and wellness departments that can vastly increase the level of satisfaction for your clients, customers, or employees. I highly recommend Our Personal Training Services.

    Revolution M.

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